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BOO Jiyoung

BOO Jiyoung

Film director Boo Jiyoung is a graduate of the Korean Academy of Film Arts (KAFA). Her first feature film, Sisters on the Road (2008), was invited to film festivals including Busan International Film Festival 2008, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2009, Seoul International Women’s Film Festival 2009 and Tokyo International Women’s Film Festival 2009, and earned awards for Best Director and Best Screenplay at the Women In Film Korea Festival 2009. Her second feature, Cart (2014), was invited to various film festivals, including Toronto International Film Festival 2014, International Film Festival Rotterdam 2015, Udine Far East Film Festival 2015 and Busan International Film Festival 2014, and was selected among the year’s 10 best films at the Korean Association of Film Critics Awards 2015. She is currently working on her third feature film, About Daughter.

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2014 / KOREA / Feature / 104 min

BOO Jiyoung

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Sunhee, an exemplary model employee at the supermarket, is about to be promoted to a regular worker. She believes that once she becomes a regular worker, she will be able to provide more to the kids and with that hope, she works diligently. However, her dreams are destroyed all at once. The company notified that all temporary workers will be laid off. Sunhee, mother of two; single-mom Hyemi; cleaning lady, Madam Soon-rye; naive aunty Oksoon; Mijin, a lady in her 20s, resolved to go on a strike. The strike becomes more strength as Dong-joon, a regular worker that manages temporary workers, joins the strike. Nonetheless, the company plays workers against each other and Hyemi, the leader of the strike, gives up to the company’s placate and pressure. Will the workers be able to endure and win the fight?