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Online Screening 2017




MIN Byung-hun

MIN Byung-hun

Min Byung-hun studied cinematography at the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) in Moscow. His debut feature, graduation film The Flight of the Bee (1998), was a great success, winning awards at many prestigious film festivals. Movies such as Let’s Not Cry (2001), Pruning the Grapevine (2006), Touch (2012), and Begging Island: Let It Be (2014) followed. Min is continuously making movies, and his most recent art project, I’m Feng (2015), a film describing the artistic world of Feng Zheng Jie, was selected at Jeonju International Film Festival, and also at Seoul Independent Film Festival scheduled later this year.

Lee Sang-hun was an assistant director on short films Nostalgia (Min Byung-hun, 2011), The Sight of Owl (Min Byung-hun, 2014), and a documentary Begging Island: Let It Be (Min Byung-hun, Lee Sae-young, 2014). He was also an assistant director, cinematographer and editor of feature film I’m Feng (Min Byung-hun, 2015), and short film The Pathway to Senses (Min Byung-hun, 2015), and assistant director, director of photography, and producer of short documentary film Coexistence with Shihwa Lake (Min Byung-hun, 2016). Lee is a co-director, and director of photography on feature film project The Emperor, which will be his co-directorial debut.

The director disagreed to previous works being used Online Screening.