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Online Screening 2017




KIM Hee-Jung

KIM Hee-Jung

She graduated from the Seoul Institute of the Arts Department of Playwriting in 1993 and admitted to 'Polish National Film School in Lodz' in 1996. Her short film, The Appointment (2000) received the awards at Chicago International Film Festival and Krakow Student Film Festival. Her graduation film, Once...Someday (2001) was invited to the Busan International Film Festival's Wide Angle. Her Killer's Chicken Bar (2002) participated in NDIF program of Busan International Film Festival's APM (aka. PPP). In 2005, she was selected for the Cannes Film Festival's Residence in Paris program in 2005, and during that time completed the script for her first feature film, The Wonder Years (2007) in there. In 2007, she was rewarded the New Director Prize in Seoul International Film Festival. She completed her second feature film, Grape Candy (2012), was selected for the Moulin d’Ande in France and invited to the Tokyo FILMeX Festival and the Warsaw Film Festival. Snow Paths (2015), her most recent film, was supported and released through the Jeonju International Film Festival’s Jeonju Cinema Project(JCP). It was screened at several film festivals including Karlovy Vary, Göteborg, and the International Film Festival of India.

The director disagreed to previous works being used Online Screening.