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Shenang Gyamjo TAMANG

Shenang Gyamjo TAMANG

Shenang Gyamjo Tamang holds a non-academic degree Buddhist philosophy and has taught Tibetan language in monasteries in Bhutan, India and Nepal for almost a decade. After working as a coordinator for visiting filmmakers, Tamang accepted a scholarship to study filmmaking in India from Khyentse. Year of the Bird his feature filmmaking debut.

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Year of the Bird

2016 / KOREA (South) / Feature / 15 min
Wide angle

Shenang Gyamjo TAMANG

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Two Buddhist lamas are individually dealing with their own personal crises. Older Paljor is wracked with guilt and younger Tashi has lost perspective. When they meet at a retreat intended to help them find clarity they wind up changing each other forever.


2016 / NEPAL / Feature / 15 min

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Gana is a caregiver for seniors with dementia in a secluded Bulgarian village. But under the disguise of her job, she steals their ID cards and sell them on the black market. Gana is also a morphine addict, and with her boyfriend-accomplice Aleko she commits crimes without any remorse. Coming to know the former choir master Yoan and his music, however, gradually changes Gana. Her belated effort to redeem her past wrongdoing is of no use, coming as it does at a severe price. As the title suggests, Godless depicts a dismal society with no morals, no human touch, and sense of guilt. The world doesn’t get better, remaining the same as always, and there’s no God to judge, nor any human spirit. Although the cold-blooded Gana seems to go through inner conflicts, the film never forgives her, distancing audience’s emotional absorption. This film, Ralitza Petrova’s debut, won the Golden Leopard Award at this year’s Locarno International Film Festival. (Jin PARK)