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Zahir OMAR

Zahir OMAR

Zahir Omar is a Malaysian based storyteller who works as a feature film and commercial director. When he is not working on his feature projects, he spends a lot of time travelling the region doing commercials for Google, Nestlé, McDonald’s, and other multinationals. He won his first accolade in the BMW Shorties 2007, with his short film titled K-hole (2007). With the prize money, he went on to make his second short, Teddy & I (2008). Both films screened at International Film Festival Rotterdam 2009 and New York City Short Film Festival 2008. For the next 10 years, Zahir spent most of his time travelling around Asia, earning his stripes by sharpening his craft in the commercial industry before applying those skills to his debut feature, Fly By Night (2018), a Malaysian production. The film had its world premiere at the prestigious Busan International Film Festival 2018.

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Fly By Night

2018 / MALAYSIA / Feature / 100 min

Zahir OMAR

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In the colourful underworld of Kuala Lumpur crime, Tai Lo likes to keep things low-key from the taxi he drives to the extortion ring he runs. When Sai Lo, his wild card younger brother, unleashes a trail of destruction that involves everyone from the triads to the cops, Tai Lo goes for broke to pull of this one last heist.